Into the Light

Type Main Quest
Quest Giver Fomorous Hugues
Location Well of Souls
Prerequisite Out of the Darkness
Next Quest Old Friends, New Foes
The Hunters Hunted
Reward Experience Points
100 Fate Points

Into the Light is a Quest in Kingdoms of Amalur:Re-Reckoning. Into the Light is the second Main Quest available to the player. Completing  Into the Light will progress the story forward.


Just before Hugues escaped, he told me to find a Fateweaver named Agarth in the town of Gorhart. This Fateweaver should be able to shed some light on my condition. Argarth, Fateweaver and close friend to Hugues, says that I appear to have no fate. If it's true, I would be the first mortal with no destiny.

Into the Light Important NPCs


Into the Light Objectives


Into the Light Walkthrough

  • Follow the quest marker towards Gorhart. Shortly after, you will have an unavoidable encounter with Agarth. You will get ambushed by some Tuatha soldiers and introduced to Reckoning Mode.  After the battle, Agarth will speak to you again and introduce you to the Destinies system. For now, choose any one of the starting Destinies as anything is better than The Fateless One.
  • Agarth will now direct you to another Fateweaver by the name of Arden. He is located at his hut towards the east past Gorhart. Continue on to Gorhart and then follow the path along the mountains into Yolvan.
  • Arden's Hut is towards the south, just before Webwood. Inside, you will meet the mysterious Alyn Shir, who will briefly speak with you about what's going on. She quickly disappears as Agarth catches up to you. He now tells you to head to the ruins of Dellach in Ettinmere to the southwest. Cut through Webwood and head west into Ettinmere.
  • At the entrance to the ruins, you are reunited with Agarth. Help him slay the Ettin Shaman and he will accompany you inside as you search for a relic. Within the ruins are mostly Ettin and Wolves as enemies. It's best to focus down the wolves to make it easier to defeat the much slower, more powerful Ettin Brutes and Ettin Shamans.
  • This is a pretty straightforward dungeon with a similar set of rooms, enemies and chests throughout. Follow Agarth, fighting and opening doors along the way. Be aware of one room with a lone Kobold. Approaching it will summon a large number of Kobolds which can prove to be quite difficult.
  • You'll come across a room with some Ettin and Kobolds at war. Use this to your advantage and take both groups out. The next room will have an Ettin Warpriest. Play safe and look for openings just as with the Rock Troll fight and it shouldn't be too difficult. Continue along the corridor, clearing Kobolds along the way as you enter the Theater of Fate.
  • You are faced with a few Niskaru Bloodhunters. Simply counter them after blocking their attacks. Agarth is available as a distraction and you should be able to make quick work of the enemies.
  • Touch the Destiny Stone to receive the Codex of Destiny.
  • You will then be ambushed by a large number of Tuatha soldiers. Defeat them and then talk to Alyn Shir to receive the main quest Old Friends, New Foes. Speak with Agarth after to receive the main quest The Hunters Hunted. You may do these quests in any order.


Into the Light Quest Rewards

  • 100 Fate Points.
  • Experience Points.


Into the Light Notable Loot

Note: As most loot in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is randomly generated, this section will only list notable scripted loot:

  • N/A


Into the Light Notes & Tips

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