Game Progress Route for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning covers information regarding a recommended progression path for the main campaign of the game. It aims to provide important points of the game to avoid any missing important aspects such as relevant Locations, NPCs, Items, as well as involved boss encounters. For a detailed guide, please visit our Walkthrough page.

Take note of each zone's level range (marked in brackets). With the release of Re-Reckoning comes an important change to zone and enemy levels. In the original game, zones employed a 'Level-locking' system where the enemy levels get locked to the level the player enters the zone, limited by the zone's minimum and maximum level range, and would stay that way for the rest of the game. For example, if a player entered Webwood, which has a level range of 2-12 while the player was level 5, enemies will be locked at level 5. If they entered at level 1, enemies will be locked at the minimum level 2. If they entered at level 12 or above, enemies will be locked to the maximum level 12.

With Re-Reckoning, the enemy levels are recalculated to scale with player level each time a zone is entered, limited only by the zone's level range. Scaling will also be affected by the current difficulty setting, being offset by +3 above your level on the Very Hard difficulty.

As an example, a zone with a level range of 10-25 on Very Hard will scale as follows:

  • Entering at level 5 -> Enemies are level 10
  • Entering at level 15 -> Enemies are level 18
  • Entering at level 30 -> Enemies are level 25

 Conversely, enemy levels will scale lower on easier difficulty levels but only within the zone's level range.

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KoA: Re-Reckoning Game Progress Route



This region will serve as the tutorial to the basic mechanics in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. You will be introduced to combat, equipment, stealth and magic. Follow the quest markers and get familiar with the various HUD elements and menus. Also, be sure to break any crates you come across for useful items like potions and gold, as well as some hidden chests.

Towards the end of the tower, you will encounter your first mini-boss, a Rock Troll.

Once you've completed the first main quest, you will want to travel towards Gorhart.
Half-way there, you will come across Agarth the Fateweaver and be introduced to Reckoning Mode. He will direct you to Arden's Hut in Yolvan.




Enter Arden's Hut and you will be greeted by Alyn Shir.
After a brief conversation, Agarth will come in and tell you to meet him in Dellach in Ettinmere.
Travel to Ettinmere by heading west through Webwood.


Ettinmere (3-13)

  1. Main Quests:
    Into the Light (cont.)
  2. Available Side Quests:
    Imelda's Charm
    Shine and Shadow
    The Fisherman's Bride


Speak with Agarth at the entrance of Dellach and he will accompany you inside.
Work your way through the enemies and eventually, you will encounter the Ettin Warpriest.
Kill it and then enter the Theater of Fate.
You will have to fight some Niskaru here.
Defeat them and touch the Destiny Stone.
Speak with Alyn Shir, then Agarth and leave Dellach.

You will have two new main quests. You may do them in any order as you will need to finish both to advance the story. For this guide, we will go ahead with The Hunters Hunted first.



Make your way to Didenhill and speak to Agarth at Three Lamps Inn. You will both go to the Hunter's Pit. You may choose one of two ways to approach this quest:

The direct approach through Hunter's Pit - West where you will face the bulk of the Tuatha forces or;
The subtle approach through Hunter's Pit - East where you can proceed stealthily, dealing with less enemies but encountering traps along the way.

Whichever path you choose, Agarth will take the other route.
Both routes will lead to the same encounter.
Smash the red crystal and speak to Agarth to finish the quest.


Meet Alyn Shir at the House of Ballads in northeast Odarath.
Give the codex to Glianal, then talk to Alyn Shir again.
You will now need to go to Ysa to advance the story but you will not be able to enter until you speak to Nyralim.
Travel to the very south of The Sidhe to meet Nyralim.
He will instruct you to prove yourself by killing Gnarsh the troll in Haxhi Dam.
Return to Nyralim after defeating Gnarsh and you will finally be able to enter Ysa.


Go to the High King's court.
Present the codex to Titarion and listen to his tale.

You will now have two new main quests. You may do them in any order but we will proceed with An Old Friend for this guide.

Speak to Agarth.
Proceed south to The Hollowlands in Detyre.



Make your way to Overlook Camp.
Speak with Octienne.
Head to Saltwell Caverns to the south.
Look for and defend Fomorous Hugues.
Speak with Fomorous Hugues.
Travel to Adessa by passing through Menetyre and Apotyre.





Tileria will tell you about Windstones and opening the door to Urul-Tusk
Activate the Windstone behind you and defeat the enemies.
Speak with Tileria. You will need to activate 4 more Windstones all over Erathell. You may do them in any order. The Windstones are located as follows:
- Central area of Tala-Rane (8-22)
- Southern area of Caer Tosai in western Kandrian (8-23)
- Northeast corner of Acatha (8-23)
- Forsaken Plain (8-22)
The fourth Windstone will trigger a fight with a powerful Niskaru Tyrant. Be prepared.
Return to Urul-Tusk.
Look for the Piercing Light and defeat enemies while Tileria pulls the spear out.
Speak to Tileria.
Meet Tileria in Rathir to begin Breaking The Siege.



Speak to Tileria at the entrance.
Go to the Upper City and convince Elund Carth to send troops with you to Mel Senshir.
Go to the docks to set sail for Mel Senshir.


Mel Senshir (13-99)

  1. Main Quests:
    Breaking the Siege (cont.)
    Silence Falls
  2. Available Side Quests:
    Malicious Practices
    Rite of Honor

    A Time To Reap (The Midden)
    Elf's Best Friend (The Midden)
    On the Hunt (The Midden)
    In Memoriam (The Midden)
    True to the Cycle (The Keening)
    Witch Knight of Ghennig (The Keening)
    Spawning Pools (The Drowned Forrest)
    Artifacts and Castles (The Drowned Forrest)


Speak to Commander Owaiglyn.
Prepare for a difficult series of battles.
Speak to Commander Owaiglyn at the gates when ready.
Defeat Witch Knight Malwyn.
Defeat the Balor.
Return to Commander Owaiglyn to complete the quest.
Speak to Cydan outside the gates of Mel Senshir to begin Silence Falls.
Meet Cydan and your allies at Foes' Hearth in The Midden (16-31).
You will be tasked with destroying three Prismere Chantries across Klurikon. The locations are as follows:
- One chantry in the northwest corner of The Drowned Forrest (16-32), and one in the southeast
- One chantry in the northeastern corner of The Keening (16-32).
Return to Cydan to complete the quest and begin Echoes of The Past. He will tell you to meet him at Caeled Coast.





Speak with Cydan to learn about the Shadow Walk.
Step into the portal to be transported to Dannestar Isle.


Dannestar Isle (20-35)

  1. Main Quests:
    Echoes of the Past


Follow Alyn Shir to the tower and wait for her to dispel the ward.
Go into the tower. Alyn Shir will stay behind to cover the rear from enemy attack.
Fight your way through the tower and find Ventrinio. He will speak to you about your past.
Defeat the enemies that appear.
Loot the corpses quickly as the tower will start to fall apart.
Speak to Ventrinio outside to complete the quest and begin Pride Before a Fall.
Make your way to Field of Huber at the southern edge of Klurikon.


Field of Huber (16-34)

  1. Main Quests:
    Pride Before a Fall


Travel to the meeting point and speak with Agarth.
Alyn Shir and Ventrinio arrive.
Speak with Ventrinio. He will give you a charm that will protect you from Dren's attacks in an upcoming battle.
Confront Dren. You will not be able to harm each other because of the charm.
Dren will enter into an agreement with you whereby if you spare the House Of Pride and forfeit the blessing of the charm, he will do the same and a fair duel can commence.
Defeat Dren and Agarth will run over.
You must now make your way to the House of Pride.
Fight your way through until you meet the Knave of Pride. He will tell you to kill Witch Knight Myrna in the next room.
Defeat Witch Knight Myrna and destroy the Prismere Chantry.
Return to the Knave of Pride to complete the quest and begin Taking Vengeance.
Proceed to the region of Alabastra.


Alabastra (22-40)

  1. Main Quests:
    Taking Vengeance
  2. Available Side Quests:
    Bolgan Bane (High Fulgen)
    The Siege of Moondown (High Fulgen)
    The Killing Grounds (Shadow Pass)
    Esha (Twilight Pass)
    Gask (Twilight Pass)
    Ordo (Twilight Pass)
    Bareth (Twilight Pass)
    Master Belne (Amaura)
    Master Farraglen (Amaura)
    Master Keftal (Amaura)
    Heroes Shall Not Pass (Amaura)


Shortly after entering Alabastra, you will come across your allies.
You will embark on a long but pretty straightforward journey through High Fulgen, Shadow Pass, Twilight Pass and then finally meeting up with your allies at Amaura.
There are also a number of side quests in these regions, most of which culminate towards similar or nearby goals along the path so it may be worth doing them as you make your way through.
Near the end of High Fulgen, you will come across Alyn Shir and Ventrinio. Speak with them and continue on.
Agarth can be found in Shadow Pass, if you wish to speak with him.
Cydan will be near the end of Shadow Pass, if you wish to speak with him.
Once you get to Amaura, speak with Cydan again. Agarth will arrive soon after.
Speak to Agarth to begin the advance towards the House of Vengeance.
Inside, the path is almost completely linear. Simply fight your way through as you progress through the area.
In the final room is a boss battle with the Cur.
Defeat him and enter Bhaille.


Bhaille (23-45)

  1. Main Quests:
    Taking Vengeance (cont.)


Speak to Alyn Shir. She will reveal more about your past as you fight your way through Bhaille.
Make your way to the Court of Winter.
Inside, you will begin the boss fight with Gadflow.
When you defeat him, it is revealed that it was merely an illusion and that Gadflow awaits in a deeper area.
Taking Vengeance ends here and the final quest Reckoning begins.
Follow Alyn Shir into the Amethyn.
Inside, you will see a cutscene with Gadflow who is summoning Tirnoch.
Tirnoch will create a Splinter of Fate copy of you and you will have to fight several as you make your way to the Throne Room.
Enter the Throne Room to fight Tirnoch.
Defeat Tirnoch, complete the main quest.


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