Race Troll
Location Haxhi Dam

Gnarsh is a boss in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Bosses are unique enemies that provide great challenges to your skills.

A Rock Troll female. Gnarsh is the first Prismere Troll that the Fateless One encounters.

Gnarsh is the matriarch of an unknown Rock Troll clan. The Tuatha Deohn enhanced her with vast amounts of Prismere, driving her insane. The Weave of Fate said that with the support of the Tuatha, Gnarsh was fated to rampage across the Dalentarth.





  • Gnarsh fights much like a regular Rock Troll but is a lot stronger and has much more health.
  • Her charge strike comes out a lot faster but leaves her vulnerable if dodged correctly.
  • She will also follow her overhead smash with a quick swipe so dodge backwards for this. Aside from that, the fight plays out identically to other Troll fights. Use stuns and Reckoning mode when possible.


Notes & Tips

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