The Balor


Race Niskaru
Location Mel Senshir

The Balor is a boss in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Bosses are unique enemies that provide great challenges to your skills.

The Balor is the largest of the Niskaru, an ancient Niskaru Lord of destruction, and a being of immense power - so powerful, in fact, that no living being bound by the tapestry of fate was ever fated to defeat him.

Balor's powers of chaos are so strong that even the land is tainted and corrupted in Balor's wake, becoming a barren wasteland on which nothing will thrive for decades to come. Being one of the great Niskaru Lords Balor can summon and control lesser Niskaru en masse, and the taint chaos he leaves in his wake acts as a catalyst, allowing yet more Niskaru to cross over at will.

Balor's sheer size allows it to topple castle walls and towers with ease, and his powerful claws can carve land and mountain alike. But Balor's true power lies in its eye - whenever it's open the Balor can unleash a devastating beam attack which burns through every protection, physical or magical.

Empowered by massive quantities of prismere, Gadflow and his Tuatha managed to summon Balor and enter into a pact that enabled them to use Balor's immense power to devastate the combined Alfar allied forces, driving them back to Mel Senshir and starting a siege that would last for years.





  • You will fight the Balor on a large, open platform. He cannot move around but has large reach with his claws and eye beam.
  • He will perform a large claw swipe from the left to the right of the screen. Dodge to the back of the platform to avoid this.
  • When his eye glows, quickly move towards the front of the platform and under his eye beam, he cannot aim the beam too close to himself.
  • Periodically, the Balor will slam one or both of his claws and they will get stuck in the ground and susceptible to melee attacks. Deal enough damage and his head will fall to the ground so you can continue the onslaught.
  • Once his health drops to 0, you will be able to perform a series of execution moves, pinning his claws to the ground. Follow the onscreen button prompts to execute him. If you miss, the Balor will heal a bit of health and you will have to get him down to 0 again.
  • Bring a powerful ranged weapon to continually deal damage to the Balor throughout the fight, not just when his claws or face are down


Notes & Tips

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