The Hunters Hunted

Type Main Quest
Quest Giver Agarth
Location Didenhil
Prerequisite Into the Light
Next Quest The Coming Storm
Reward Random Rare Ring

The Hunters Hunted is a Quest in Kingdoms of Amalur:Re-Reckoning. The Hunters Hunted is the fourth Main Quest available to the player. Completing  The Hunters Hunted will progress the story forward.


Agarth has tracked the Tuatha to a forward camp in Hunter's Pit, near Didenhil. There are two entrances, and in order to catch them., we'll have to attack both at once.


The Hunters Hunted Objectives


The Hunters Hunted Walkthrough

  • Agarth will be waiting for you at Didenhill to the east in Glendara. Find him at the Three Lamps Inn. He will tell you about the Hunter's Pit and how you can choose two approach the mission either through the front gate, facing the bulk of Tuatha forces or the more subtle approach from the back where there are less enemies but the path is riddled with traps. Choose your approach and head for the Hunter's Pit with Agarth. He will take whichever path you did not choose.

From the Front (Hunter's Pit - West)

  • Choosing to approach from the front, you can expect a lot of encounters. The first two Tuatha soldiers you come across will turn around and run immediately upon noticing you, trying to alert their comrades. This camp is littered with enemy soldiers and using Reckoning mode here will prove quite effective.
  • There is a chest to the west, loot it and continue on north. At the turn is another encounter with more Tuatha soldiers and another chest.
  • Continue along the path onto a bridge. As you cross it, enemy archers will open the door on the other side and attempt to shoot you. Push through and note the small path on the right that leads to a dead end. There is a hidden door here that you can open if your Detect Hidden skill is high enough. Inside are three chests of loot.
  • Back on the main path, the route splits into a fork. Take either path for another large group of enemies. Take them out and break the crates to discover a chest.
  • Up the nearby ramp is a pile of rocks with more treasure. Continue on and take out the remaining Tuatha.
  • In the next room, you will see a lone Tuatha tampering with a device. Dispose of him and you are reunited with Agarth. He instructs you to destroy the device. Attack the glowing red crystal in front of you. This summons Gadflow and a scene occurs.
  • Speak with Agarth to finish the quest.

From the Back (Hunter's Pit - East)

  • This path has significantly less enemies spread about generously so you can take a stealthy approach if you wish. Watch out for traps which you can only see if you have the Detect Hidden skill at an appropriate level. 
  • Eliminate the first lone Tuatha you see and proceed forward, where a group of Tuatha are found sitting by a fire for easy pickings.
  • The path north will lead you to some cages with trapped Barghests. Freeing these beasts will cause them to engage nearby enemies which should prove useful as you're sneaking about. Loot any nearby chests and continue north, freeing more Barghests as necessary until you reach your objective.
  • This is where the two mission paths converge and you end up in the room with the curious crystalline device. Defeat the Tuatha guarding it, destroy the red crystal and speak to Gadflow.
  • Speak with Agarth to finish the quest.


The Hunters Hunted Rewards

  •  Random Rare Ring.


The Hunters Hunted Notable Loot

Note: As most loot in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is randomly generated, this section will only list notable scripted loot:

  • N/A


The Hunters Hunted Notes & Tips

  • Whichever path you chose for the mission, be sure to do a quick run of the other half of the dungeon for more loot before leaving.
  • The Detect Hidden skill is quite useful on this quest as there are a lot of hidden doors, piles of rocks with treasure, as well as disarmable traps. To find everything, make sure you have a Detect Hidden skill of 6 or above.




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