Out of the Darkness

Type Main Quest
Quest Giver N/A
Location Allestar Tower
Prerequisite N/A
Next Quest Into the Light
Reward N/A

Out of the Darkness is a Quest in Kingdoms of Amalur:Re-Reckoning. Out of the Darkness is the first Quest available to the player after being resurrected at the beginning of the game. Out of the Darkness functions as a tutorial in a way, teaching the player about the different weapon types and how the game mechanics work.


I woke up in a pile of corpses, somewhere deep underground. I have no memory of who I am and no clue where I am. I need to find a way out of here.

Out of the Darkness Important NPCs

Out of the Darkness Objectives

Out of the Darkness Walkthrough

  • After the opening cutscene and before you gain control, you will need to create your character. When you regain control, head forward. Check the table for the disposal notes. The door leading out will have a skeleton holding a Rusty Longsword. Equip it and continue forward. You will come across a couple of Giant Rats serving as your tutorial to basic combat.
  • Further along, you will hear Encel the gnome screaming for help. Jump down from the platform and defeat the Tuatha Soldiers then speak to Encel. Loot the enemies for some gear you can equip. Head south to get to the next area.
  • Check the weapons rack nearby for a Crude Iron Kite Shield. Equip it to trigger an attack. Defeat the Tuatha Soldiers and head through the hole they came in from.
  • Pick up and equip the Longbow to your secondary weapon slot. Shoot the Tuatha Archers ahead.
  • Head further down and you'll come into a room with a hidden chest behind some barrels on the right. Head up the ramp and defeat the two soldiers that drop down.
  • Continue onwards and pick up the daggers from the body. Proceed through the tunnels until you come across a lone enemy. Follow the prompt to sneak up to him for a stealth-kill.
  • In the next room, you will learn to cast Magic. Cast it on the orb in the middle of the room. There are some notes you can pick up and a chest to the right of the southern door.
  • Proceed onward to find a chest. You will be ambushed by a spider here, make short work of it and pick up the Crude Birch Staff from the corpse nearby. Its attacks will allow you to burn spiderwebs and deal extra damage to the spider enemies here.
  • Eventually, you will run into Encel again. Speak with him to proceed. There are a few chests to loot in this room as well. When ready, open the gate and proceed to the Laboratory.
  • You will meet Fomorous Hugues shortly. He will tell you to meet with a Fateweaver and the tower will start to fall apart. Head north through the tunnels and continue following the path. It's best to sprint here as you can get hit by falling debris. Fend off the Tuatha soldiers and loot the chest you come across.
  • Get ready for your first mini-boss encounter with the Rock Troll. Pick off the two Tuatha soldiers first. They have very little health and shouldn't pose a threat. The troll has three main attacks: A standard swing which is easy enough to dodge, a charging swing from a distance which may require some good timing to avoid and a rock pellet spray which is best blocked as it spreads out in a cone in front of the troll. Go for the big openings between each of his attacks and you should make short work of him. You will have a chance for an execution move when the enemy's health is depleted, follow the onscreen prompt to mash a button and gain extra XP.
  • Escape from the tower.


Out of the Darkness Quest Rewards

  • N/A

Out of the Darkness Notable Loot

Note: As most loot in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is randomly generated, this section will only list notable scripted loot:


Out of the Darkness Notes & Tips

  • Completing Out of the Darkness, grants the player the Reborn Achievement/Trophy.




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