Race Dragon/Fae
Location Amethyn

Tirnoch is a boss in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Bosses are unique enemies that provide great challenges to your skills.

Tirnoch, known to the Tuatha Deohn and their leader Gadflow, as the Goddess under the Mountain, and Tirnoch the Merciful, is the true antagonist of the game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

She is not a god, instead, an extremely old Fae who can transform into a dragon. Tirnoch was sealed tens of thousands of years ago by the ancient Alfar under the capital of the Winter Fae, Bhaile, in an area known as the Amethyn. It is unknown exactly why she was originally sealed, but ever since she has been seeking a way to free herself.





  • Tirnoch will create Splinters of Fate from you throughout the fight.
  • Her main form of attack is a horn smash attack where she drags one of her horns across the floor. Take note of which horn she lowers to the ground and back up accordingly.
  • She will also throw Prismere shards at you. Dodge at the last second as they have a fair bit of homing.
  • Other attacks to watch out for are her flame breath which has a fair amount of range, and flame pillars that she sends out of the ground.
  • The Splinters of Fate will fill your Fate meter when defeated. Keep attacking them while dodging Tirnoch's attacks. When your Fate is full, you can execute a special Reckoning mode attack that will drop her to the ground where you can deal a good amount of damage to her. This process will repeat for the whole fight until she is dead.

Notes & Tips


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