Shadow Pass

Location Alabastra
Factions The Ariad

Shadow Pass is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Locations contain various quests, enemies, and loots

Shadow Pass is the second portion of the march to Bhaile in Alabastra. The pass takes the form of a narrow gulge with large amounts of prismere visible aboveground. It was formerly held by The Ariad, before they were overwhelmed by the Tuatha's defences. Now their sole surviving member (Desiderus Trav) needs the help of the Fateless One to reopen the path ahead.

On the way through Shadow Pass, the Fateless One will meet up will several of their companions, and learn more about the day they died.


Lorestone in Region



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Notable NPCs:

  • Agarth
  • Alyn Shir
  • Cydan
  • Desiderus Trav
  • Dessidyn
  • Ventrinio



  • Altar of Belen
  • Shrine of Thyrdon




Notes & Tips

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