Race Gnome
Class Mage
Location Adessa

Templar Octienne is a boss in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Bosses are unique enemies that provide great challenges to your skills.


With a personal fortune and authority over dozens of the greatest gnome
Scholars of the age, Templar Ligotti Octienne wields power and influence other
gnomes can only aspire to. However, his own aspirations reach much further than
mere wealth or victory in the political games of Adessa’s council.

Octienne is known among the other Templars for his arrogance. Some even dare
whisper that a number of the projects he supports defy the laws of Adessa,
although no proof of misdeed has ever been presented to the other Templars.

Octienne is a gifted scholar in his own right, but he left the academy for
political pursuits, believing his goals were better served in the Forum. He has
used his influence among the Templars to support the development of the Well of
Souls and few know of the project’s true goal. Despite the difficulty of
protecting the Scholars in his employ from the scrutiny of the outside world
and the dangers of the war-torn countryside, Octienne is confident he will
succeed in his plans.





  • The battle will occur in phases, with Octienne switching areas after getting his health down to a certain level.
  • Through out the battle, he will continually summon White Palm Assassins to attack you. An important thing to note is that you cannot kill Octienne until he has reached his final destination in the chase. He will priodically put up a magical barrier that renders him invulnerable, signaling that you need to defeat the remaining assassins in the area before Octienne moves on to the next.
  • Octienne himself is quite a competent fighter who will constantly throw Fire and Ice spells at you. Be vigilant with your blocking and dodging as you whittle away at his health while fending off his assassins.
  • It is highly advised that you use spells and ranged weapons such as Longbows or Chakrams to deal damage to him as he will constantly try to put distance between you while bombarding you with spells.


Notes & Tips

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