Description The God of Fate, grants bonuses from the beginning of the game
Races Dokkalfar
Bonuses +5% Mana
+5% Mana Regeneration

Lyria, the God of Fate, is a Patron God in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-ReckoningPatron Gods are the Gods of Amalur and can be chosen during Character Creation to bless our character from the beginning of the game, granting Stat Bonuses to him or her. Lyria grants Mana bonuses to the Dokkalfar Race.


Lyria Description:


Lyria Bonuses:

  • Lyria grants the following Stat Bonuses:
    • +5% Mana
    • +5% Mana Regeneration


Lyria Notes & Tips

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  • Other Notes and Tips go here


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