Location Klurikon
Lorestone 5

Klurikon is a Lorestone set in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning.


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  • A Home for Winter

    Winter is strong in this place.
    When first the Fae walked into its depths, it bore great fossils,
    bones of beasts greater and more terrifying than we Fae.
    But for all their strength, the earth at their feet lasted longer.
    It sapped their strength, their life, their flesh.

  • Sapling of Sorrow

    A group of Winter Fae, called the House of Sorrows, have built their lives around the Midden.

    They feed and tend the bodies there, and sanctify the ground with what dead they bring.
    It is they who preserve the culture of our people, and make this the Cradle of Winter.
    For their part, they have been given a beacon; a small sapling of white bark and red leaves, growing from the bodies in the Midden.
    They call it the Hallowed Tree.

  • Death and Winter

    There are rumblings in the Court of Winter.
    There are Fae who are preaching beyond a world of rot.
    They fly in the face of Sorrows, the cycles. They do not honor our tradition.
    But they are wrong. There is no Winter without death. There is no growth without decay.

  • The Tuatha Born

    The Tuatha have brought war to the Winter Fae.
    They bring us all into this conflict, and turn the court of Winter into some engine of war.
    But the House of Sorrows would not join. They resisted.
    They were the sole embodiment of all Winter, all that was great and unique about our people.

    It could not be so easily discarded.

  • Trophies of War

    The Tuatha have forced their war on us.
    They eagerly cut through mortal flesh and mortal bone, and as a reminder of their butchery they display these mortal corpses throughout the land,
    turning sanctity into putrescence. The bodies remain on our ground and on our Gallows Tree, bloated and corrupt.



Notes & Tips

  • Lorestones can be found at Cursewood, The Keening, Drowned Forest and Caeled Coast.



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