Breaking Fate

Type Main Quest
Location Mithros
Quest Giver Drystan Rydder
Prerequisite The New God
Next Quest Smuggler's Run
Reward ??

Breaking Fate is a Quest in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Breaking Fate is the Third Main Quest available to the player in the Fatesworn DLC. Completing  Breaking Fate will progress the story forward.


Agarth has continued on to the village of Gale Crossing. I should resupply in Revival and then move to intercept Agarth.


Breaking Fate Quest Giver


Breaking Fate Objectives

  • Find Agarth in Gale Crossing
  • Gain entry into Madding Wind
  • Find Agarth
  • Find a way to the levers.
  • Advance to the high security area
  • Unlock the upper control rooms
  • Free Agarth
  • Close the Chaos Rift
  • Defeat Telogrus
  • Follow Telogrus
  • Escape the Chaos Realm
  • Retrieve the Chaos Sword
  • Destroy the Chaos Node
  • Follow Agarth to his safehouse


Breaking Fate Walkthrough

  • This quest begins immediately after The New God.
  • After leaving the Freehold, you are to travel all the way north to the village of Gale Crossing.
  • From the Revival camp, take the western exit and walk north towards the enormous gates. Upon approach, a short cutscene will play, introducing Telogrus the new "god". The gates will open afterwards.
  • Travel along towards the northwest while being mindful of the powerful wildlife and monsters roaming the area.
  • Once you reach Gale Crossing, head to the Gemstone Tavern in the northeastern portion of the village.
  • Speak to Mallory Grieves at the counter.
  • You will need to find a way into the Madding Wind prison. One option is to travel north of the village and finding Warden Blackwood. Pay him 20,000 Gold and he will hand you the key to the prison. (Other options to be added)
  • Once you find a way in, head for Madding Wind to the west. This is a fairly long trek with plenty of dangerous enemies along the way.
  • Once you reach the prison, unlock the gates with your key and enter.
  • You will have to navigate the prison to find Agarth. Be mindful that the guards will be hostile to you.
  • Upon approaching the southwest door, you will find that it needs to be unlocked via some nearby levers.
  • The levers can be found on raised platforms on either side of the door. Take the northwest path first as the southeastern path is locked behind yet another door.
  • Follow the path until it branches into a large hall on the left. In this hall, inspect the chest in the western corner for the key to the southeastern path. Before heading there, take the southeast door in this hall to get to the first lever and activate it. Jump down into the main hall and unlock the southeastern door.
  • This path is a bit busier than the first one and you will need to find another key to unlock the path towards the lever. The key is in the hall area to the southeast. Fight your way through to the quest marker and loot the key from the chest.
  • Return to the lever control room's door and unlock it. Fight through several more enemies and then activate the lever. Jump back down to the main hall and head through the now opened gate to the southwest.
  • In the next large hall is another locked door in the southwest. You will need to activate more levers to unlock this.
  • 4 markers will appear on your map but most of these will require unlocking sequentially. Head back down the staircase you took to this hall and take the first right. Interact with the door and a new marker will pop up in the southeast pointing to a key. Make your way to the area, being mindful of the traps and large amounts of Sons of Laz enemies. At the end of the path is a door, be careful of the spiked traps in front of it. Loot the chest inside for a key. Head back to the locked door and open it for another chest with another key.
  • Go back to the main hall and unlock the southeastern door and trigger the lever within.
  • Head back down the main hall's staircase and take the left corridor this time. Continue along moving west until you encounter a large Heavy Knight guarding a door. Defeat this difficult enemy and head through the door to continue along the path. You will eventually reach a room with another chest with a key inside. Note that you can jump down from the side of this room to more quickly get back to the left corridor you entered from.
  • Get back to the main hall and unlock the final door and activate the lever to open the southwest door. Head through for another fight with another Heavy Knight. Heading through the door here will lead to the outdoor path to the high security wing.
  • Inside, a short cutscene plays as some cultists summon a Niskaru Tyrant which subsequently kills them all. Watch out for its Nova attack and tail sweep attacks which hit for heavy damage around melee range.
  • Upon defeating the Tyrant and closing the rift, Telogrus will appear for a short conversation and then you will have to fight him.
  • You will not be able to damage Telogrus and the fight will end with a cutscene after a little while. Telogrus will summon a portal and escape and you will have to follow him through.
  • After another short cutscene, speak to Telogrus once more and you will receive Agarth's Cell Key and will have to escape this Chaos Realm.
  • Follow the fairly linear path until you reach a human corpse near a pedestal. Note that you cannot damage any enemies here normally as they are shielded by Chaos energy. However, the Chaos Critters can be baited to explode, killing themselves.
  • Approach the corpse and retrieve the Chaos Sword. Equip it and it will allow you to tear through the enemies' Chaos Shields.
  • Go back to where you entered this realm through the portal. There will now be a few Chaos Critters around this area. Defeat them and then destroy the Chaos Node. Your Chaos Sword will break and you will be teleported back to the prison and awarded the Chaos Thrall Twist of Fate. Remember to equip a weapon as you will be weaponless after returning.
  • Back at the prison, head west and free Agarth from his cell. After a brief conversation, follow him to his hideout. Speak with Agarth at his safehouse to complete the quest.


Breaking Fate Rewards

Completing Breaking Fate rewards the following:

  • ??


Breaking Fate Notes & Tips




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