The Guardian

Race Niskaru
Location The Blackened Hall

The Guardian is a boss in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Bosses are unique enemies that provide great challenges to your skills.

The Guardian is a Niskaru Tyrant at the end of The Blackened Hall. It cannot be killed, only imprisoned by the Amulet of Rithen as part of the Travelers faction quest Mirror, Mirror.





  • The Guardian is a named variant of a Niskaru Tyrant and features the same movesets but is stronger and has more health.
  • The Guardian will shoot fireballs from his mouth and can also use a frost breath attack dealing high magical damage in a wide area.
  • The Guardian will use a tail spin attack when at melee range and will attempt to close the distance with a powerful charge if you're too far away. The charge is easy to dodge and leaves him vulnerable to a counter.
  • The Guardian also has a smash attack that elongates its arms and hits twice.

Notes & Tips

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