Calis Dren


Race Winter Fae
Class Warrior
Location House of Pride

Callis Dren is a boss in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Bosses are unique enemies that provide great challenges to your skills.

Callis Dren is the defender of the House of Pride, as well as the entrance into Alabastra. He has a powerful enchantment on him that makes him impervious to almost all physical and magical attacks. Even without the enchantment, he's still an extremely powerful warrior.

Dren had a twin sister, Dyth, the Defender of Valor, who had a similar enchantment. Dren's and Dyth's enchantments make them completely immune to each other's powers.





  • Dren fights much like Witch Knight Malwyn and will utilize a lot of sword strikes and spells.
  • Be wary of his medium-distance teleport where he leaves fire runes at his starting point and destination. They explode based on proximity.
  • He will periodically blow on his horn to buff himself, indicated by a red aura. This increases his attack damage and grants him access to the Tornado spell.
  • Unlike Malwyn, his attacks can be interrupted at any time.

Notes & Tips

  • In the first encounter with Dren, neither himself nor the player can damage the other. This leads to Dren proposing that the player promise to liberate the House of Pride and forfeit the Essence of Valor blessing and in return, he will grant a fair duel.


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