Race Kollossae
Location Idylla

Anokatos is a boss in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Bosses are unique enemies that provide great challenges to your skills.

"And though the path be fraught with tribulation, know that it leads to the land of Our greatness, and that we walk it with you."

Anokatos is the Primos, who leads the Kollossae people both spiritually and politically. For the past few years, he has sequestered himself in his quarters due to quietness from the Titans, and their patron goddess Ethene. When first approached by the Fateless One, he is excited and moves quickly in an attempt to gain his people's gods favor once again.





  • Anokatos will primarily use hand-to-hand and staff melee combos to attack. He also has an ice smash attack that will freeze you in place if it connects.
  • Every quarter of his health depleted will cause him to leap to a platform far across the room, making him impossible to attack. He will then summon 6 golems all around the main platform that the player is on. After a brief moment, they will dash forward one by one with slight homing and then fall apart automatically. It's easy enough to avoid these by simply running around the platform, but getting hit will stagger you rendering you vulnerable to further hits. When all golems are destroyed, Anokatos will jump back into the arena, dealing lightning damage upon landing. Time your dodge to avoid this.
  • This pattern will repeat for the rest of the fight. 


Notes & Tips

  • Requires the Teeth of Naros Downloadable Content.
  • Found in the Kollossae city of Idylla, in the Primos Sanctuary.


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