Daggers are melee weapons in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-ReckoningDaggers are really fast weapons that can assassinate unaware enemies with a single strike.



  • Daggers deal a base damage consisting of physical damage and piercing damage. It splits at  a 50/50 ratio.
  • Daggers have a very fast attack speed, making them the fastest weapon type in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning.
  • By spending points on the Precise Weaponry series of abilities, you will unlock more combat moves for the DaggersDaggers along with Faeblades and Longswords, have the most amount of combat moves.
  • Even though Daggers have the lowest damage output per hit of all melee weapons, their incredible amount of combat moves, versatily and  unmatched attack speed compensate it. 


Investing in the Precise Weaponry will grant new attack moves for the Daggers and investing in the Dagger Mastery will increase the damage delivered when using Daggers to attack. Spending points on the Assassin's Art abilities will increase the critical damage inflicted from stealth and also increase the sneak attack damage. As is the case with all bladed weapons, abilities such as Blade Honing will indirectly increase the effectiveness of Daggers.


The Fateless One can use any Blacksmithing Forge, to craft Daggers by using a Small Blade and a Hilt. Bindings and Rivets can also be used as additional components but it is not mandatory.

Weapon Moves

  • Backstab: Attack from stealth that deals massive critical damage, can one-hit enemies. (Requires Assassin's Art)
  • Shadowstrike: Performs an attack that can be chained up to five times. (Requires Precise Weaponry I)
  • Crossfire: An attack divided in two parts. Timing the second attack perfectly will always result in a critical hit (Requires Precise Weaponry II)
  • Cross Slash: A launching attack that launches enemies into the air. (Requires Precise Weaponry III)
  • Punishment: Attack after a timed parry, unleashes a series of rapid strikes (Requires Precise Weaponry IV)



All Daggers in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning


Weapon Name


Base Damage





Iron Daggers
Common  10  20  N/A  N/A 
Steel Daggers
Common 18  22  N/A  N/A
Azurite Daggers
Common 30  24  7  N/A N/A 
Sylvanite Daggers
 Common 48  26  12 N/A  N/A 
Prismere Daggers
Common 64  28   16 N/A  N/A 
Primal Daggers
Infrequent 93  25  N/A N/A  5 Primal Damage over 10 Seconds. 
Atropos and Veshani
Unique 120  48   16 N/A  50 Poison Damage over 
6 Seconds.
15% Chance to Steal 30 Health
per hit. 
Belne's Daggers of Ire
Infrequent  76 48  14 1 Weapon Socket
2 Utility Sockets

Boning Knives
Unique 70  25  N/A N/A  +10% Damage vs. Heavily wounded Targets.
+10% Damage vs. Beasts.
+10% Critical Hit Damage. 
Claws of Astyl
Unique 41  44 6 N/A +5% Ice Damage.
+4% Gold Drops.
9 Ice Damage.
4 Freezing Damage over 5 Seconds. 
Dvergan Swords
Unique 111   25  13/20 N/A  +50 Health.
+15% Physical Damage.
41 Ice Damage. 
Eyes of Tirnoch
Unique 153   48 18 N/A 15 Burning Damage over 
5 Seconds.
37 Poison Damage over 
5 Seconds.
25 Fire Damage. 
Fangs of Aodh
Unique 56  44  7  N/A 15 Fire Damage.
9 Burning damage over 
3 seconds.
10% Chance to steal 20 Health
Per hit. 
Fate's Needles
Unique 12  20 N/A +15% Reckoning Duration 
Unique 52  46 12 N/A +10% Chance to Critical Hit.
+10% Critical Hit Damage. 
Kezar's Vice
Unique 36  46 9  N/A +10% Gold Drops.
+15% Damage vs. Heavily Wounded Targets.
Unique   95 46 11 N/A  +5% Lightning Damage.
25 Lightning Damage.
12 Shocking Damage
over 5 Seconds.
Unique 21  20 N/A N/A  6 Fire Damage.
3 Burning Damage over 6 Seconds. 
Rend and Carver
Unique 114  25 16  N/A  +6% Experience Bonus.
36 Bleeding Damage. 
Shine and Shadow
Unique 65  44  N/A N/A  14 Fire Damage during Daytime.
8 Burning damage over 
3 seconds
During daytime.
 14 Ice Damage during Nightime.
7 Freezing Damage
Over 5 seconds at  Night. 
Spinning Tom's Blades
Unique  30 42 3 N/A +4% Experience Bonus.
6 Bleeding Damage 
over 5 Seconds. 
The Night
Unique 70  25 N/A N/A +5% Critical Hit.
+5% Damage at Night. 
Unique 78  25 N/A N/A +3% Chance to Critical Hit.
 +10% Damage vs. Kollosae.
+6% Physical Damage.
Order and Chaos
Unique 294 52 21 N/A 47 Physical Damage
47 Piercing Damage
100 Bleeding Damage over 10 seconds
100 Poison Damage over 10 seconds

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