Sceptres are a weapon type Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Sceptres are a long range weapon, effective at dealing with enemies from afar and aaplying elemental status effects.



  • Sceptres are unique because they use mana in order to attack. The amount used is a percentage of the player's total mana reserves. 
  • As is the case with Staves, Sceptres deal base damage consisting solely of elemental damage. 
    • Fire Sceptres deal Fire Damage The extra burning damage over time is approximately 85% of the base fire damage over 3 seconds.
    • Ice Sceptres deal Ice damage. The extra freezing damage over time is is approximately 45% of the base ice damage over 6 seconds.
    • Lightning Sceptres deal Lightning damage. The extra Shocking damage over time is approximately 65% of the base lightning damage over 5 seconds.
    • Primal Sceptres deal Primal damage, with an extra primal damage over time of approximately 65% of the base Primal damage over 10 seconds.
  • Sceptres have an average attack speed, making them slower than the other ranged weapon available in the game, the Longbow
  • By spending points on the Arcane Weaponry series of abilities, you will unlock more combat moves for the Sceptre. However, this type of weapon is the one with the fewest combat moves available. 
  • Even though Sceptres have the lowest damage output per hit, they compensate this with, as is the case with Staves, with the damage over time effect which can make Sceptres very good option as a long range threat.


Investing in the Arcane Weaponry will grant new attack moves for the Sceptre and investing in the Sceptre Mastery will increase the damage delivered when using one to attack. Spending points on the Arcane Weaponry abilities will also reduce the percentage of mana used per attack by the Sceptre.


The Fateless One can use any Blacksmithing Forge, to craft Sceptres by using a Dowel and a Handle. Bindings and Grips can also be used as an additional component but it is not mandatory.

Weapon Moves

  • Charged Shot: A charged attack that deals more damage.
  • Warding Blast: Fires a blast that will launch your foes into the air. If this attack is charged, it will instead release three projectiles. (Requires Arcane Weaponry II)



All Sceptres in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning



Weapon Name


Base Damage




Birch Sceptre (Fire)
Common  13 20 1  N/A
Birch Sceptre (Lightning)
Common 12  20 1 N/A
Birch Sceptre (Ice)
Common 11  20 1 N/A
Elm Sceptre (Fire)
Common 23  22 3 N/A
Elm Sceptre (Lightning)
Common 22  22 3 N/A
Elm Sceptre (Ice)
Common 21  22 3 N/A
Oak Sceptre (Fire)
Common 41  24 7 N/A
Oak Sceptre (Lightning)
Common 38  24 7 N/A
Oak Sceptre (Ice)
Common 37  24 7 N/A
Ash Sceptre (Fire)
Common 65  26 12 N/A
Ash Sceptre (Lightning)
Common 61  26 12 N/A
Ash Sceptre (Ice)
Common 59  26 12 N/A
Ebony Sceptre (Fire)
Common  86 28 16 N/A
Ebony Sceptre (Lightning)
Common 81  28 16 N/A
Ebony Sceptre (Ice)
Common  79 28 16 N/A
Paling Wand (Lighting)
Common 26 24 6 17 Shocking Damage over 5 seconds
Primal Sceptre
Infrequent  87 25 N/A N/A
Unique 19 42 2 +10 Mana
+4% Experience Bonus
Unique 29 44 4 +20 Health.
+5% Gold Drops.
Fate's Stem
Unique 13 20 N/A +15% Reckoning Duration.
Khleran's Sceptre
Unique 93  48 16 30% Chance to steal 20 health per hit.
30% Chance to steal 20 Mana per hit.
Mysrik's Demise
Unique 81  48 15 +5% Lightning Damage.
-10% Mana costs.
Obsidian Sceptre
Unique 95 48 18 +100 Health.
+100 Mana.
Pteryx Talon
Unique  89 25 N/A +10% Health.
+5% Chance to steal 17 health per hit.
Rei'Zarf's Guidance
Unique 70  46 12 +5% Fire Damage.
+10% Chance to Critical Hit.
Unique 87 25 20 +20% Ice Damage.
+5% Chance to steal 20 health per hit.
Unique 58 46  10

+55 Mana
+10% Chance to Stun

Unique 41  44 7 10% Chance to steal 18 health per hit. 
The Field
Unique 135  25 1 23 Burning Damage over 5 seconds during Daytime.
23 Burning Damage over 5 seconds at Night. 
The Heavens' Gift
Unique 131 25 N/A +1 Health Regen per second.
The Wavemaker
Unique 89  25 N/A +50 Health
-10% Mana Costs 
Light of the Morning
Unique 126 52 21 72 Fire Damage
54 Burning Damage over 3 seconds
+30% Fire Damage vs Burning enemies
80% Chance to Steal 20 Mana per Hit vs. Burning enemies

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