Lorestones information in Kingdoms of Amalur is covered on this page.

Lorestones are interactive objects scattered throughout the world of Amalur and inhabit most of the Locations. Activating a Lorestone rewards the player a small amount of XP, along with some lore of Amalur.

Each Lorestone falls under a "set", which may be observed in the Player Menu under Status > Lorestones. Each set of lorestones provides bonus experience as well as a permanent boost to one of their attributes.


Lorestones Information



Odarath: +4% Damage with Melee vs. Humans.


Yolvan: +10% Poison Damage vs. Fae.


Webwood: +6% Fire Damage.



Ettinmere: +3% Damage with Melee.


Gorguath: +6% Damage with Faeblades.


Glendara: +4% Health.



Haxhi: +3% Chance to Critical Hit vs. Fae.


The Sidhe: +6% Mana.


Summer's End: +6% Damage with Hammers.



Dalentarth: +8% Poison Resistance.


Castle Windemere: +2% Chance to Critical Hit.




Plains of Erathell


The Wolds: +4% Health.


Tala-Rane: +3% Gold Drops.


Kandrian: +20% Bleeding Resistance.



Tywili Coast / Galafor: +20 Health.


Cradle of Summer: +5% Chance to Steal 10 Mana per hit.






The Red Marches: +6% Burning Damage


Alserund: +5% Armor.


The Hollowlands: +6 Fire Resistance



Menetyre: +6% Armor


Apotyre: +4% Health.




Klurikon and Alabastra


Klurikon: -10% Equip Requirements.


The Midden: +6% Bleeding Damage.


Caeled Coast: +3% Damage with Ranged.



Alabastra: +4% Damage Resistance.


Amaura: +6% Critical Hit Damage with Magic.


Bhaile: +10% Health and Mana.




Spring: +3% Health and Mana.


Summer: +1 Health Regen per Sec.


Fall: +1 Mana Regen per Sec.



Winter: +10% Ice Resistance








Gallows End: +6% Crit Damage


GraveHal: +10% Damage to Beasts


Teeth of Naros: +2% Bleeding Damage/Poison Damage



Nyxaros: +4% Status effect duration in Teeth of Naros







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