Teeth of Naros

Lorestone 5

Teeth of Naros is a Lorestone set in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning.


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  • The Great Pilgrimage 1

    The the youth of Amalur lived the Ouranos,
    Existing from the hill-lands alone:
    They held not the blessings of the gods
    And thus were blinded to their own potential.

    We lived in ignorance among the savage people.
    We wasted the gifts of the gods: ourselves.

  • The Great Pilgrimage 2

    Then one Mairu heard the whispered golden notes
    Of the voice of wisdom herself: Ethene
    The goddess bid him to raise up his brethren
    So they may know the favor of the gods once more.

    We are Ethene's chosen, we follow her path.
    Guide us to your blessed wisdom.

  • The Great Pilgrimage 3

    And so this Mairu gifted them with Apotharni heart,
    and the newly born Kollossae found deliverance,
    And with the gods once more upon the mount,
    So did they surge towards the Teeth of Naros, towards majesty.

    Your prophet leads us to glory in your name.
    Blessed is the way of Kreios.

  • The Great Pilgrimage 4

    By the magnificent graces of Ethene,
    A city was built upon gloried heights:
    So stood Idylla in bountiful tribute,
    A Kollossae bastion, the virtue of the Ouranos.

    We build this for you, Ethene
    We build this for you, our blessed goddess.

  • The Great Pilgrimage 5

    Yet tragedy befell these giants
    As in trying to force the Hypeian upwards
    Ethene was angered and made her rage known.
    And so the life was driven from some, the faith from many.

    Forgive our trespasses, and bless us with wisdom.
    Ethene, the all knowing, in whose name we pray.


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