Location Dalentarth, Plains of Erathell, Klurikon, Alabastra
Lorestone 10

Fall is a Lorestone set in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning.


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  • I am Imprisoned

    'Sometimes, this is too hard to believe.'

    'But you can accept the strangest fact: that you were wrong.'

    'Yes, but that, and this endless vacuity, is horrible.'

    'The ancient ones were here. They delivered themselves into the world. The time worn cycle turns with ages.
    The seasons drift along the stream. They wait for the past. The future brings the forming storm.'

    'This is no place for a home, for anyone.'

  • These Halls are Wise

    'These walls are grown, are built, of stone. Lovingly, this place was crafted.
    You see the lights, the mystic halls of ordered reality. They are the faces of the missing.
    The embodied truth of the lost souls. There are so many of them; still. You can see them.'

    'They are like pathetic charades, some with good intentions,
    and you can't fault them that, but the majority of them are just a hoax.
    Needless to say, I don't like it here.

    'You could have stayed free, and lived a comfortable life,
    but you couldn't settle the disquiet that haunts people like you.'

  • I Saw an Erathi, Once

    'That does not seem so strange.'

    'I'm sure there are many people who in their youth had a similar experience, but of course I am leaving something out.
    I mentioned the unrest in my soul. I know it intimately.
    When I was young, I was visited by something unlike anything else of this world.
    It was an ephemeral, ghostly thing. I called it a divine spirit, for I had no better word to describe it.
    This thing was not Fae, but possessed a timelessness like one.
    It glowed with an aura of magic about it, but I was not afraid, for a serene peace was borne on the countenance of this divine spirit.'

  • But I Was Wrong

    'You may think I am lying, but unfortunately, I'm telling the truth, as I saw it then anyway.
    This thing was a fleeting companion, but a companion nonetheless.'

    'Do you hear its the earthly moans of time?
    Listless motes of cavern dust, the crumbled ruin beneath our feet, all the ordained path of the blessed.
    You have found their way, their home, their solace. You are near them.'

    'No, I was wrong!'

  • I Tried to Find Another

    'I discovered the greatest heights of magical power.
    I achieved everything and anything I desired, except to find one of them again.
    And, inevitably, someone would remind me through their ugliness that somewhere
    something as beautiful and perfect as that divine spirit existed.'

    'People will hurt you, people will try to use you, but this thing was different.'

    'Yes, I could trust it, and it would protect me from the callousness of others.'

  • I Was Impeded

    'My 'friends' used me for their own gain, and why not?
    I was, after all a powerful sorceress who commanded the elements and conjured fear in the heart of any who would oppose her.
    Oliskar, my apprentice, the entire time was inciting the rabble against me, 'the witch.

    'You should have known better than to trust him.'

    'And Atham of course right there, stealing from my library and purse.'

    'How could you be such a fool?'

    'Atham was someone I thought I could trust.'

  • They Are Not Erathi

    'I think at first they were genuine friends.
    We were so young, with nothing in the world to really concern us, there was no place for malice or resentment.
    I don't care anymore, they're not worth my breath.
    I was in a place of promise. Lyria's magic shined throughout the halls.
    New and interesting people were everywhere, none as interesting as that divine spirit, but promising.
    I learned more there in two days than I did my entire life elsewhere.
    In fact, I owe my mentors a debt of gratitude, were it not for them I would never have found 'it.'

  • These Ruins

    'Tell me of this, Athyll.'

    'The light of water emblazoned upon the wall. It poured with the multitude of souls of peace.

    Escaped the well and flowed the pattern. It will forever sing the twilight of ethereal harmony. Balance moved.'

  • An Epiphany

    'And you did find it, and that is your curse?'

    'The Erathi are gone. Upon these shattered ribs of early cities, they've left no mark.
    No name, no prayer, no secret word. No promise of return. No warning cry. No tale of a lonely death.'

    'What message might they have left, scratched in this antique stone, soft as a dusty grave? ' The peace of the Erathi returns the lifeblood of magic.

    'They are the ultimate deceivers, the opposite of that which they appear.
    I saw their true form revealed there, a horrible, chaotic monstrosity; as foul and terrible as I once thought wondrous.
    My entire life spent chasing this dream. Ha! There was the truth before me: we are alone.
    There is nothing to save us, no greater things than the things we wreak.'

  • A Prison of Nothing

    'And so here you are, imprisoned in the magic of these Fae stones, to live eternally in a drifting stream of song and echoed voices.
    Your body: long decayed; your family and friends: lost to the passage of time.
    Adrift in these chaotic swirls of cacophony, you would spend your time yearning to be free, but knowing that with that freedom comes such a pathetic nothingness that even this stone prison is preferable.'

    'The gods can keep their false world, I will make her own.'



Notes & Tips

  • Lorestones can be found at Dalentarth, Plains of Erathell, Klurikon, and Alabastra.


Alabastra  ♦  Dalentarth  ♦  Klurikon


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