The Wolds

Location Plains of Erathell
Factions Warsworn
Lorestone 5

The Wolds is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Locations contain various quests, enemies, and loots

The Wolds was formerly a successful agricultural region. However, the pressures of the war have led to the area coming under threat from Freemen bandits, which have discouraged trade and often destroyed farms. The inhabitants of the Wolds include some refugees from the fallen kingdom of Tala-Rane, and they often worry that they will share the fate of that land. 


Lorestone in Region


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Notable NPCs:

  • Castor Redhand
  • Alrette Rond
  • Dennrit Rond



  • Shrine of Ethene x 1




Notes & Tips

  • 5 Lorestone in this region
  • Bonus: +4% Health.


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