Location Alabastra
Factions Tuatha Deohn
Lorestone 6

Bhaile is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Locations contain various quests, enemies, and loots

At the heart of Alabastra lies the great city of Bhaile, once home to the Winter Court of the Fae, now home to the Mad King Gadflow and his god Tirnoch.  Whatever the city once was, it is lost behind walls of solid prismere - which covers every surface.  The former Courts of Winter are dead and gone.  Only the Tuatha Deohn roam the streets now, in crazed worship to their Mountain God.

And deep below the surface, in the caverns of Amethyn, Tirnoch itself lies in wait.


Lorestone in Region







Notable NPCs:

  • Alyn Shir



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Notes & Tips

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