Skills in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning are non-combat talents that focus on certain aspects of character progression such as exploration and adventure.

There are nine Skills in the game that can be unlocked which offers the ability to craft, different ways to play and interact with the environment, and conveniences to make certain situations easier. Each skill can be upgraded up to a maximum level of 10 and can be improved by reading skill books, training with skill trainers, and using unique items that can grant temporary bonus skill levels.

In order to reset and redistribute any gained SPs, players can use a Fateweaver's service to unbind one's fate. This page covers a list of all the skills in the game.


Skill Points


Skill Points are required to upgrade your skills. During the game you can obtain a total of 89 Skill Points. These points can be assigned to any of the 9 skills. Each skill has 10 levels of improvement, divided into Basic Level (4), Advanced Level (3) and Master Level (3). You can also find some potions and gear that will raise the character's skill level. Also, the Jack of All Trades destiny track will add one level to all skills, from the Wayfarer destiny and up,

How to Acquire

Skills Points are required for improving the above Skills. You can get them by:

  • Choosing any Race while Character Creation:The game will automatically distribute 4 points to different predefined Skill bonuses, depending on the Race you select.
  • Leveling up, you can acquire up to 40 Skills Points. You can assign these Skill Points to any skill you wish, up to a limit of 10 points.
  • Visiting Trainers.  For each skill there are four trainers scattered throughout The Faelands, so you can get another 4 points per skill.
  • Reading Skills Books. These special books allow the player to increase a specific skill for each book. You can find these books in Amalur or obtain them as a Quest reward. There are a total of 9 Skill Books, each of which increases the related skill by 1 point.

Permanent Skill Points

Skill Points gained through Racial Bonuses, Trainers, or reading Skill Books are permanent, and they cannot be reset by a Fateweaver. So, once you have acquired


All Skills in KoA: Re-Reckoning


All Skills Table




alchemy skill koa re reckoning wikiguide 75px

Allows you to harvest reagents from the land, so you create potions at Workbenche. Each level increases the chance to successfully harvest reagents

blacksmithing skill koa re reckoning wikiguide 50pxBlacksmithing

Allows you to both forge and repair yours weapons and armor. You can also use it to extract components. It also increases the effectiveness of Repair Kits
sagecraft skill koa re reckoning wikiguide 50px
Allows you to craft gems from shards found throughout Amalur, socket them into equipment, and combine lower quality shards into higher quality shards.
persuasion skill koa re reckoning wikiguide 50px
 Allows you to talk your way into and out of situations that would normally require a different solution. You can also persuade people, when prompted, to give you items.
stealth skill koa re reckoning wikiguide 50px
Allows you to remain undetected for longer periods of time by decreasing the sight range of NPCs.
detect hidden skill koa re reckoning wikiguide 50px
Detect Hidden
Allows you to find hidden treasure caches, deadly traps, enemy ambushes, and secret doors Besides, it increases the amount of gold you can loot from enemies and containers
dispelling skill koa re reckoning wikiguide 50px
Allows you to dispel protective magical Wards without suffering harm.
lockpicking skill koa re reckoning wikiguide 50px
Decreases the difficulty in picking open a lock.
mercantile skill koa re reckoning wikiguide 50px
Improves your ability to buy for less and sell for more.
chaos sight skill koa re reckoning wikiguide 75px
Chaos Sight
Chaos sight grants you the ability to sense Chaos Rifts and Portals.


Note: The Skills Menu is inside the Status Menu, which you will see while the game is paused.






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