Arcane Weaponry II

Description Unlocks block attacks for the Staff and Sceptre (attacks while blocking with a shield or talisman)
Ability Tree Sorcery
Max Level 3
Prerequisite 5 points in Sorcery
Arcane Weaponry I
Type Passive
Tier 2

Arcane Weaponry II is one of the Sorcery Abilities in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Arcane Weaponry II requires 5 points in Sorcery to be unlocked. Abilities in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning are used to upgrade your character combat capabilities and are split into three trees.


Arcane Weaponry II Description:

  • Allows the character to unlock special attacks from Block for the Staff and Sceptre
  • Arcane Weaponry II has 3 levels to improve it


How to unlock Arcane Weaponry II:


Arcane Weaponry II Upgrade Table:

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Unlocks special attacks from Block for the Staff and Sceptre and decreases the cost of Sceptre attacks from 5% of your Mana to 4%.

Mage's Vortex
Attack with your staff while holding Block to summon a small tornado at the feet of enemies in front of you while you take a spinning step backwards.

Warding Blast
Press Attack while holding Block to perform a Sceptre blast that launches an enemy followed by a short ranged "shielding" attack while stepping forward slightly. Needs to be channeled to launch enemies up and away, otherwise it simply damages.


Mage's Vortex and Warding Blast apply additional damage over time effect


Mage's Vortex and Warding Blast generate extra Fate



Arcane Weaponry II Notes and Tips

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