Winter Fae


Winter Fae is a non-playable Race in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Non-playable races exist in the game, but they are not available to play as. 


Winter Fae Description

  • Though the presence of the Winter Fae, or Unseelie, may elicit a sense of foreboding, it would be a mistake to look upon them as a force of evil.
  • Winter Fae represent the waning of the seasons, the entropy and death which are a necessary part of the Great Cycle


Notable Winter Fae NPC's

  • Notable Winter Fae  NPCs you can find within the game:
    • Weeping King - the founder of the Winter Court
    • Mathon - the last High King of the Winter Fae
    • Gadflow - the reigning "High King" of the Winter Fae, now known as Tuatha Deohn, formerly a jester.
    • Cydan - Prince of the House of Sorrows and implied to be the next High King of the Winter Fae
    • Bisarane - the reigning puppet-king of the House of Sorrows
    • Taibreah - Delver of the House of Sorrows and the latest reincarnation of the Weeping King
    • Dren and Dyth - Fae twins, defenders of Pride and Valor respectively.
    • Maid of Windemere - a legendary figure, involved in the House of Ballads quest line.


Winter Fae Notes & Tips

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