Gnome is a non-playable Race in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Non-playable races exist in the game, but they are not available to play as.


Gnome Description

  • The gnomes are an enigmatic people. They bestow wondrous gifts of knowledge, medicine, and magic to befriend the other kingdoms, yet seldom reveal their plans or intentions to outsiders.
  • Gnome society is divided into three castes:
    • Templars, who set direction and policy
    • Scholars, who focus on study and invention
    • Praetorians, one of the most renowned fighting forces in Amalur


Notable Gnomes

  • Notable Gnomes you can find within the game:
    • Fomorous Hugues, a scholar of Vivification working on the Well of Souls in Allestar Tower. He is responsible for bringing the Fateless One back to life.
    • Encel, one of Fomorous' men in Allestar Tower. He is the very first NPC the Fateless One will ever meet.
    • Nanne Hanri, an alchemist living in Gorhart. Gives a quest involving a formula she and her assistant made.
    • Milou, the butler of Sandstone Villa. Becomes loyal to the Fateless One when he becomes owner of the said house.
    • Octienne, a corrupt templar who sponsored Hugues in his attempts to raise the dead.


Gnome Notes & Tips

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