The Harpy

Rarity Unique
Type Greatsword
Base Damage 192
Durability 25
Requirements Character
Level 20
Sockets N/A
Effects +10% Damage vs. Lightly
Wounded Targets.
20 Ice Damage
+15% Physical Damage

The Harpy is a Greatsword Weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur:Re-Reckoning. The Harpy can be used by The Fateless one to inflict damage to Enemies or Bosses.


Originally the figurehead of a pirate sloop, this massive blade is said to able to hew masts in twain. The painted blade is flecked and cracked with age, but bears the image of a howling, monstrous woman known as the Harpy.


The Harpy Description

  • The Harpy is a weapon exclusive to The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.
  • The thick blade has a design of a Harpy near the hilt, wearing a blue dress and golden wings. 


The Harpy Damage & Effects

  • 139 Physical Damage
  • 33 Piercing Damage
  • 20 Ice Damage
  • +10% Damage versus lightly wounded targets.
  • +15% Physical Damage.


Where to Find The Harpy

  • The Harpy is a gift from Captain Brattigan if you successfully woo her during the main quest.


The Harpy Salvage

  • The Harpy can not be salvaged.


The Harpy Notes & Tips

  •  Notes & tips go here.


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