Rarity Unique
Type Greatsword
Base Damage 160
Durability 46
Requirements Character Level 12
Sockets N/A
Effects +10% Poison Damage
33 Poison Damage
over 6 Seconds

Havoc is a Greatsword Weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur:Re-Reckoning. Havoc can be used by The Fateless one to inflict damage to Enemies or Bosses.


Oathblade Gorwin's company recovered this blade, but not his body, after they were overrun defending Rathir early in the Crystal War.


Havoc Description

  • Havoc has a really sturdy look to it. A simple long blade that ends with a pointy end with some shapes engraved on it. 


Havoc Damage & Effects

  • 103 Physical Damage.
  • 24 Piercing Damage.
  • 33 Poison Damage over 6 Seconds.
  • +10% Poison Damage.


Where to Find Havoc


Havoc Salvage

  • Havoc can not be salvaged


Havoc Notes & Tips

  • Havoc level and damage are based on The Fateless One's character level when first acquired. Maximum stats are shown on this page.


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