Rarity Unique
Type Greatsword
Base Damage 53
Durability 28
Requirements 3
Sockets 1 Weapon Socket
Effects +5% Fire Damage
+20% Damage

Rhyderk is a Greatsword Weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur:Re-Reckoning. Rhyderk can be used by The Fateless one to inflict damage to Enemies or Bosses.


Forged by Lord Sethe and lost, later recovered by Sir Airmer, who defeated the bolgan and regained Dalentarth for the Summer Court.


Rhyderk Description


Rhyderk Damage & Effects

  • Rhyderk has to be forged, so its exact stats depend on the additional components chosen
  • 40 Physical Damage
  • 9 Piercing Damage


Where to Find Rhyderk


Rhyderk Salvage

  • Rhyderk can not be salvaged


Rhyderk Notes & Tips

  • The resulting weapon is always upgraded to Unique status (due to its unique 5% fire damage effect) and has a weapon socket added.


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