Sagecraft is a Crafting Specialization in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Sagecraft allows the player to both create a variety of Gems, which can improve Weapons and Armor stats, and improve low-quality Shards into better ones, which are used to craft Gems.

Sagecraft can be used to create stronger Shards. Players need at least two Shards to craft a new one. These Shards then can be used to forge Gems, that will improve your gear.To get more information about shards, please go to SHARDS.

Gems can be used in two different ways. One way is to socket them into Weapons or Armor, but these must have a slot to be socketed with a Gem. On the other hand, Gems can be used to craft Weapons and Armor using Blacksmithing, which makes the gear take the effect of the Gem. The character has to reach level 7 in Blacksmithing to be able to craft equipment with Gems.

Gems can be socketed in a Sagecraft Altar, where Gems can also be crafted from Shards. Players need at least two Shards to create a Gem. At higher levels, players can use the Sagecraft Skill to remove Gems from sockets. Otherwise, a Sagecrafter will for a fee. Gems cannot be removed from crafted gear.

To see all the Gems available, please go to GEMS.


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