Handwraps of the Deep

Rarity Unique
Type Handwraps
Armor Rating 46
Durability 20
Requirements 43 Sorcery
Sockets N/A
Effects +10% Mana Regeneration per second.
+10% Elemental Resistance.
+1 Health Regen per Sec.
+15% Shocking Damage.
+15% Shocking Duration.

Handwraps of the Deep are Handwraps in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Handwraps of the Deep are the hands Armor piece that grant protection to damage, and may also provide different types of buffs to the player.


Made from a dried sea plant, these handwraps are very strong, but they give off a repellant odor.


Handwraps of the Deep Description


Handwraps of the Deep Armor Rating & Effects

  • 46 Armor Rating.
  • +10% Mana Regeneration per second.
  • +10% Elemental Resistance
  • +1 Health Regen per Sec
  • +15% Shocking Damage
  • +15% Shocking Duration


Where to Find Handwraps of the Deep

  • Handwraps of the Deep can be found in a chest, within the Tidal Pools.


Handwraps of the Deep Salvage

  • Handwraps of the Deep can not be salvaged.


Handwraps of the Deep Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here.
  • Handwraps of the Deep level and stats are based on The Fateless One's character level. Maximum stats are shown on this page.




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