Necklace are a type of Accessory in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Necklace can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different bonuses for the character. Below you can find a list with all the Necklace in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning.


All Necklace in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Name Rarity Effect
Ancient Phylactery
Unique +15% Magic Critical Chance
+15% Magic Critical Damage
Unique +5% Armor
+5% Elemental Resistance
+18 Armor
Assassin's Aegis
Unique +10% Physical Damage vs. Heavily Wounded Enemies
Barbed Necklace
Unique +8% Piercing Damage
+3% Chance to Critical Hit
+8% Bleeding Resistance
Blackstone Token
Unique +3% Physical Resistance
+3% Elemental Resistance
+1 to Sorcery Abilities
Burial Torc
Unique +20% Damage vs. Niskaru
+25% Chance to Steal 20 Health per Hit vs. Niskaru
Coral Necklace
Unique +20% Damage
Doctor's Medallion
Unique +10% Poison Resistance
+10% Health
+10% Health Regen per Sec
Dokkalfar Brooch
Unique +20% Damage at Night
+2 Health Regen per Sec
+1 Sagecraft
Dverga Ornamental Chain
Unique +8% Fire Damage
+8% Ice Damage
+8% Lightning Damage
+40 Health
+8% Chance to Stun
Eye of Flame
Unique +17% Fire Damage
+17% Fire Resistance
+70 Health
Fae Clasp
Unique +5% Chance to Critical Hit
+5% Critical Hit Damage
+1 Stealth
Unique +10% Ice Damage at Night
+10% Ice Damage
+50 Mana
Unique +20% Health Regen per Second while at low Health
Unique +5% Fire Damage
+5% Ice Damage
+5% Lightning Damage
+5% Elemental Resistance
Jade Totem
Unique +6% Gold Drops
+5% Experience Bonus
Jottun War Beads
Unique +5% Damage
+5% Damage Resistance
Kollossae Medallion
Unique +5% Physical Damage
+10% Primal Damage
+18 Mana
Kollossae's Blessing
Unique +50 Health
+1.5 Health Regen per Sec
+1 Might Abilities
Ljosalfar Necklace
Unique +20% Damage during Daytime
+2 Mana Regen per Second
+1 Persuasion
Murghan Charm
Unique Turns all murghan inside Echoing Light Mine neutral while equipped. Doesn't work anywhere else.
Nyralim's Grace
Unique +10% Elemental Resistance
Pendant of Warmth
Unique +10% Fire Damage
+16% Ice Resistance
Pendant of Unbridled Rage
Unique +40% Physical Damage while at low Health
10% Chance to Steal 30 Health per Hit
Unique +6% Piercing Damage
+6% Bleeding Damage
+1 to Might Abilities
Resonant Pendant
Unique +8% Chance to Steal 5 Health per Hit
Unique +15% Physical Resistance
+85 Mana
-20% Mana Costs
Skymason's Sigil
Unique +10% Primal Damage
+5% Ice Damage
+10% Mana
Unique +12% Elemental Resistance
St. Hadwyn's Beads
Unique  None (prior to Brother Fallon's Beads)
+5% Damage vs. Niskaru (after visiting the first mission)
+10% Damage vs. Niskaru (after visiting the second mission)
+15% Damage vs. Niskaru (after completing Brother Fallon's Beads)
Strand of the Shifting Seas
Unique 5% Chance to Steal 20 Health per Hit
5% Chance to Steal 20 Mana per Hit
The Hunter's Friend
Unique +6% Damage with Ranged
+6% Damage vs. Beasts
+1 Stealth
Thresh's Seal
Unique +1 to Might Abilities
+1 to Finesse Abilities
+1 to Sorcery Abilities
Tribal Necklace
Unique +8% Ice Damage
+8% Fire Damage
+8% Lightning Damage
+35 Mana
+1.5 Mana Regeneration
Warrior's Lament
Unique +20 Health
+10% Stun Duration
+3% Chance to Stun


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