Warnir's Reward

Rarity Unique
Type Longsword
Base Damage 88
Durability 46
Requirements 13
Sockets N/A
Effects +15% Gold Drops
+5% Experience Bonus

Warnir's Reward is a Longsword Weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur:Re-Reckoning. Warnir's Reward can be used by The Fateless one to inflict damage to Enemies or Bosses.


Carried by the Varani sea-rover Bara Warnir. Lost when she fell in battle against her treacherous brother, Tostig Warnir.



Warnir's Reward Description

  • A golden looking sword with a slightly curved blade.
  • Warnir's Reward grants its wielder  +15% Gold Drops and +5% Experience Bonus. Making it a good weapon to farm gold and at the same time level up faster.


Warnir's Reward Damage & Effects

  • 63 Physical Damage
  • 25 Piercing Damage


Where to Find Warnir's Reward

  • Warnir's Reward can be found randomly in chests or as loot.


Warnir's Reward Salvage

  • Warnir's Reward can not be salvaged


Warnir's Reward Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here.


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