Description Improves melee damage, block efficacy, stun and grants Last Stand capability
Ability Tree Might
Tier 6
Requirements 109 points in Might Abilities
Bonuses +30% Melee Attack Damage
+30% Block Efficacy
+20% Stun Duration
+20% Chance to Stun
Last Stand

Warlord is one of the six available Might Destinies in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Destinies in KoA: Re-Reckoning are the equivalent of RPGs Classes System and can be used to upgrade your character bonuses, effects, and combat skills. Warlord improves your character's melee damage, blocking efficacy, and also increases the chance and time enemies are stunned. In addition, Warlord unlocks Last Stands, which lets you automatically resurrect. 


There have been few Warlords in the history of Amalur, and they were all respected and feared as the primal embodiments of conflict itself. This Destiny allows you to endure any and all attacks while laying waste to those who would dare to oppose you.


Warlord Description:

  • Warlord is a Tier 6 Destiny
  • Gives the following bonuses to your character:
    • +30% Melee Attack Damage
    • +30% Block Efficiency
    • +20% Stun Duration
    • +20%Chance to Stun
    • Last Stand – You automatically resurrect with 20% health if killed; your life then drains until an enemy is killed.


How to unlock Warlord:

  • Warlord requires 109 points in Might Abilities to be unlocked
  • Once Warlord is unlocked, players have to select it from the Destinies Menu to receive the bonuses


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Warlord Notes and Tips

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Might Destiny in KoA: Re-Reckoning
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