Unwritten One

Description Gives passive improvements
Bonuses +3% Experience Bonuses
+5% Gold Drops
Quest The Coming Storm

Unwritten One is one of the 22 Twists of Fate available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoningTwists of Fate are special cards that can be obtained by completing some Quests. Twists of Fate grant our character passive abilities that are activated all the time, which can boost our damage, our resistance, or experience bonus. Unwritten One grants Experience Bonus and increases the amount of gold dropped by enemies.


You are truly a blank slate, able to chose your own destiny, as witnessed and proclaimed by the High King Titarion himself.


Unwritten One Description:

  • A special card that grants passive improvements to our character
  • Gives the following bonuses:
    • +3% Experience Bonuses
    • +5% Gold Drops


How to unlock Unwritten One:

  • Unwritten One can be obtained as a reward by completing The Coming Storm quest


Unwritten One Notes & Tips:

  • Notes & Tips
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