The Fateless One

Description The first card within Destinies. Grants no bonuses
Destiny N/A
Tier N/A
Requirements N/A
Bonuses N/A

The Fateless One is the first Card you will find in Destinies. It shows that your character's destiny is blank, so you can choose and forge your own destiny, according to the playstyle that best suits you.


Newly resurrected, your Fate is blank, formless, and ready to be forged into the shape of your choosing


The Fateless One Description:

  • The Fateless One is the starting card of the game. It is a blank card that shows that the destiny of our character has no form and that we can choose the destiny that we prefer. It gives no bonuses.


How to unlock The Fateless One:

  • The Fateless One is already unlocked since the beginning of the game


The Fateless One Notes and Tips:

  • Notes & Tips
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