Star Camp

Location Dalentarth
Factions Travelers

Star Camp is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Locations contain various quests, enemies, and loots

The Star Camp is the Travelers' Headquarters and main base of operation in Dalentarth. The camp is isolated from the outer world, hidden in the forest from unwanted visitors and hostile enemies. Allon Vennt claims that it is difficult for mortals to live near the trees with the nearby Fae and their unusual ways.

The Camp is led by the 'Knave of Coins', currently a Fae named Crilgarin. She is the most experienced and intimately knows the mysteries and hidden places of the surrounding forests, prompting her fellow Travelers to chose her as a leader.

If you choose to help Argine in the final faction quest for the Travelers, she'll be the leader of Star Camp.



Notable NPCs:

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Notes & Tips

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