Scarlet Flowstone


Type Reagents
Property Blood
Location Seawatch (in caves)

Scarlet Flowstone is a Reagent in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Scarlet Flowstone is a Reagent used to create Potions using Alchemy. Recipes are required to create certain Potions. Reagents can be found by harvesting in the Faelands and are also sold by Merchants. Reagents can also be consumed by themselves providing certain effects.


These razor-sharp fragments of sanguine crystal are difficult to handle without injury. When crushed to a fine powder, they can bind the essence of Blood to a potion.


Scarlet Flowstone Information

Consuming Scarlet Flowstone by iyself will provice these effects:

  • +10% Bleeding Damage

This reagent is used to create the following potions:



Where to find Scarlet Flowstone 

Scarlet Flowstone can be found in Seawatch (in caves):


Scarlet Flowstone Notes & Tips

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