Description Smash the ground to cause a tremor, damaging enemies in an area.
Ability Tree Might
Max Level 7 (5+2)
Prerequisite 5 points in Might
Type Active
Tier 2

Quake is one of the Might Abilities in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Quake requires 5 points in Might to be unlocked. Abilities in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning are used to upgrade your character combat capabilities and are split into three trees.


Quake Description:

  • Can be used to smash the ground to cause a tremor, damaging enemies in an area.
  • Quake can be cast rapidly in succession to chain up to 3 attacks
  • Can be used to pierce the shields erected by spellcasters.
  • Quake has 5 levels to improve. Besides, 2 additional levels can be reached through ability bonuses





24-42 Physical Damage per hit

14 Mana cost per hit


32-54 Physical Damage per hit

15 Mana cost per hit


40-66 Physical Damage per hit

16 Mana cost per hit


48-78 Physical Damage per hit

18 Mana cost per hit


46-90 Physical Damage per hit

20 Mana cost per hit


64-102 Physical Damage per hit 22 Mana cost per hit


72-114 Physical Damage per hit 24 Mana cost per hit


How to unlock Quake:


Quake Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips


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