Piercing Rapier

Rarity Unique
Type Longsword
Base Damage 141
Durability 48
Requirements 22
Sockets N/A
Effects N/A

Piercing Rapier is a Longsword Weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur:Re-Reckoning. Piercing Rapier can be used by The Fateless one to inflict damage to Enemies or Bosses.


Rapiers are uncommon in the Faelands. This Ljosalfar model is still heavy enough for a more aggressive slashing style.


Piercing Rapier Description

  • Piercing Rapier has a very standard rapier appearance. A long thin blade with a pointy end. 


Piercing Rapier Damage

  • 111 Physical Damage
  • 30 Piercing Damage


Where to Find Piercing Rapier

  • Piercing Rapier can be found randomly in chests or as loot. 


Piercing Rapier Salvage

  • Piercing Rapier can not be salvaged


Piercing Rapier Notes & Tips

  • Piercing Rapier is the only Longsword in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning that does not have any stat buffs, effects or enchantments besides the Longswords' normal damage.


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