Location Plains of Erathell
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Lorestone 5

Galafor is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Locations contain various quests, enemies, and loots

Galafor is a beautiful and fertile highland region in the north of Erathell. As the magic of the Summer Fae faded, a Summer Fae named Mihari gathered much of the remaining power of Fae magic and through his death and interment here he bestowed on Galafor a sustained magic and fertility. The most significant site in the area is the village of Tirin's Rest, which was built on the site of a famous vision by Bayala Tirin while she led her followers to the founding of Rathir.


Lorestone in Region


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Notable NPCs:

  • Adar
  • Graem Haille
  • Anwyr Hedef
  • Arick Nareen
  • Serabel Nareen



  • Shrine of Lyria x 1
  • Shrine of Ynadon x 1




Notes & Tips

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