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Fulcrum is a Component in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Fulcrum is a Support Component used for Blacksmithing. Components can be salvaged from weapons and armor at a Blacksmithing Forge, the rarity of the obtained Component depends on the player's Blacksmithing skill.Components can be found as loot.



Fulcrum Information

This item can be used to craft the following items:

 N/A  N/A


Fulcrum effect

These are the variations of this item with their corresponding effects:

Basic Charged Fulcrum  4 Lightning Damage
3 Shocking over 3 seconds
Basic Damaging Fulcrum 5 Physical Damage
Basic Flamed Fulcrum 4 Fire Damage
3 Burning over 5 seconds
Basic Frosted Fulcrum 4 Ice Damage
2 Freezing over 2 seconds
Basic Infected Fulcrum 6 Poison over 5 seconds
Basic Piercing Fulcrum 4 Piercing Damage
Basic Sharpening Fulcrum +5 Crit Damage
Crude Fulcrum (Basic) 3 Physical Damage
Improved Charged Fulcrum 6 Lightning Damage
3 Shocking over 4 seconds
Improved Executioner's Fulcrum +8% vs. Humanoids
Improved Flamed Fulcrum 6 Fire Damage
4 Burning over 5 seconds
Improved Frosted Fulcrum 6 Ice Damage
3 Freezing over 2 seconds
Improved Infected Fulcrum 9 Poison Damage over 5 seconds
Improved Illuminator's Fulcrum +8% vs. Niskaru
Improved Sharpening Fulcrum +8% Crit Damage
Improved Slaughtering Fulcrum 10 Bleeding over 5 seconds
Greater Bloodseeker's Fulcrum 15% Chance to Steal 15 Health per Hit
Greater Damaging Fulcrum 12 Physical Damage
Greater Flamed Fulcrum 13 Fire Damage
8 Burning over 6 seconds
Greater Illuminator's Fulcrum +12% vs. Niskaru
Greater Infected Fulcrum 19 Poison Damage over 6 seconds
Greater Piercing Fulcrum 18 Piercing Damage
Master Bloodseeker's Fulcrum 15% Chance to Steal 20 Health per Hit
Master Charged Fulcrum 21 Lightning Damage
10 Shocking over 8 seconds
Master Damaging Fulcrum 22 Physical Damage
Master Executioner's Fulcrum +16% vs. Humanoids
Master Flamed Fulcrum +16% vs. Humanoids
Master Flamed Fulcrum 21 Fire Damage
13 Burning over 7 seconds
Master Frosted Fulcrum 21 Ice Damage
12 Freezing over 5 seconds
Master Infected Fulcrum 33 Poison over 7 seconds
Master Magnifying Fulcrum +6% Crit Chance
Master Piercing Fulcrum 23 Piercing Damage
Master Pilager's Fulcrum +16% vs. Beasts
+16% vs. Constructs
Master Ravenous Fulcrum +15% Manasteal 20
Master Sharpening Fulcrum +18% Critical Hit Damage
Flawless Butcher's Fulcrum +20% Damage vs. Kobolds and Murghan
Flawless Bloodseeker's Fulcrum 15% Lifesteal 25
Flawless Charged Fulcrum 30 Lightning Damage
15 Shocking over 10 seconds
Flawless Damaging Fulcrum 30 Physical Damage
Flawless Executioners Fulcrum +20% vs. Humanoids
Flawless Flamed Fulcrum 30 Fire Damage
20 Burning over 7 seconds
Flawless Frosted Fulcrum 30 Ice Damage
18 Freezing over 6 seconds
Flawless Illuminator's Fulcrum +20% vs. Niskaru
Flawless Infected Fulcrum 48 Poison Damage Over 7 Seconds
Flawless Magnifying Fulcrum +7% Crit Chance
Flawless Piercing Fulcrum 25 Piercing Damage
Flawless Pilager's Fulcrum +20% vs. Beasts
+20% vs. Constructs
Flawless Ravenous Fulcrum 15% Manasteal 25
Flawless Sharpening Fulcrum +25% Crit Damage
Flawless Slaughtering Fulcrum 25 Bleeding Damage Over 5 Seconds


Fulcrum Notes & Tips

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