Fine Prismere Kite Shield

prismere shield armor koa wiki guide
Rarity Common
Type Kite Shield
Armor Rating 184
Durability 32
Requirements 41 Might
Sockets None
Effects block efficacy effects koa wiki guideBlocks 97 Damage

Fine Prismere Kite Shield is a Kite Shield in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Fine Prismere Kite Shield is an Armor piece equipped on the Shield slot that grants protection from damage, and may also provide different types of buffs to the player.  This Armor piece is made available with the Fatesworn DLC.




Fine Prismere Kite Shield Special Features

Kite Shields can be used actively to reduce or completely block an incoming attack with a Parry. To perform a Parry, The Fateless One must use the shield at the exact time the enemy is unleashing an attack. This will completely disrupt the attack and stagger the enemy, allowing for a counter attack. This will also deal physical damage, which is based on the Armor Rating of the shield used. 

Parrying only works against Humanoid enemies.


Fine Prismere Kite Shield Armor Rating

184 Armor Rating.


Fine Prismere Kite Shield Effects

block efficacy effects koa wiki guideBlocks 97 Damage


Where to Find Fine Prismere Kite Shield

  • Info to be added


Fine Prismere Kite Shield Salvage

Salvaging  Fine Prismere Kite Shield may yield the following Components:

  • N/A


Fine Prismere Kite Shield Notes & Tips





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