Exceptional Gem


Type of Item Gems
Type of Gem Armor
Effect +20% Armor

Exceptional Gem is a Gem in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Exceptional Gem is an Armor Gem and provides the following effects: +20% Armor. Gems can be used to socket them into Weapons or Armor, but these must have a slot to be socketed with a Gem. Gems can also be used to craft Weapons and Armor using Blacksmithing, which makes the gear take the effect of the Gem. Gems can be socketed at a Sagecraft Altar, where Gems can also be crafted from Shards.

Gems can be created using Sagecrafting, can be found as loot and are sold by Merchants.



Exceptional Gem Information

Exceptional Gem is an Armor Gem, and can only be socketed in Armor equipment with an opened Armor Gem slot.

  • +20% Armor


Exceptional Gem Sagecraft

Exceptional Gem can be crafted by using the following Shard combinations:


Exceptional Gem Notes & Tips

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