Description Improves both Melee and Ranged Damage
Ability Tree Finesse
Tier 2
Requirements 6 Points in Finesse
6 Points in Might

+15% Melee Damage
+7% Ranged Damage

Duelist is one of the five available Finesse-Might Destinies in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Destinies in KoA: Re-Reckoning are the equivalent of RPGs Classes System and can be used to upgrade your character's bonuses, effects, and combat skills. Duelist improves your character's both Melee and Ranged Attacks.


With this Destiny, you quickly dispatch your enemies from both afar and close-range. Your specialty lies in delivering frequent, lethal strikes and overwhelming your adversary with varied attacks.


Duelist Description:

  • Duelist is a Tier 2 Destiny
  • Gives the following bonuses to your character:
    • +15% Melee Damage
    • +7% Ranged Damage


How to unlock Duelist:

  • In order to unlock Duelist, players need to spend points on the following Ability Trees:
  • Once Duelist card is unlocked, players have to select it from the Destinies Menu to receive the bonuses


Duelist Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips
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