Court of Summer

Location Gardens of Ysa
House of Ballads
House of Valor
House of Seasons
Leader High King Titarion

Court of Summer is a faction in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning. Each faction has its own story, quests, and characters; some offer houses the Fateless One can own, others promise treasures untold.

The Court of Summer is a faction and governing body of which almost all Summer Fae belong to. It is lead by High King Titarion in the Gardens of Ysa, the capital and only known Summer Fae city. There are three distinct sub factions within the Court of Summer; the House of Ballads, the House of Valor and the House of Seasons.



Notable NPCs:

  • High King Titarion
    King Wencen
    Hallam the White



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Notes & Tips

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