In Fatesworn DLC, a new type of weapons called Chaos Weapons were introduced, you need to equip them in order to defeat chaos enemies. Chaos Weapons can be forged at Skald's Forge after you complete quest Chaos Matter Delivery. Alternatively, you can ask Jock MacNelly to craft one for you (Quest Crafting Made Simple.)

You will need to enter Chaos Portals to collect new chaos matter for more chaos weapons. Chaos Portals can be found across Amalur, you will see them on World Map if you have unlocked high tiers of Chaos Sight skills.


Chaos Weapons in Fatesworn DLC




Chaos Chakrams  
Chaos Daggers  138 Chaos Damage; "Exploit Weakness" and "Sleight of Hand" 
Chaos Faeblades  179 Chaos Damage; "Exploit Weakness" effect, stack up to 10x; 40% Chance to spawn "Sleight of Hand"
Chaos Greatsword  303 Chaos Damage; "Onslaught" effect; 40% Chance to spawn "Hunter-Gatherer"
Chaos Hammer  
Chaos Longbow  193 Chaos Damage: Exploit Weakness + Sleight of Hand
Chaos Longsword

 207 Chaos Damage: Onslaught + Hunter-Gatherer

Chaos Sceptre  
Chaos Staff  


Chaos Portals Location

chaos portal location koa wiki guide

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