Description Improves Melee Attack and Block Efficacy
Ability Tree Might
Tier 1
Requirements 1 point in Might Abilities
Bonuses +15% Melee Attack Damage
+20% Block Efficacy

Brawler is one of the six Might Destinies available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Destinies in KoA: Re-Reckoning are the equivalent of RPGs Classes System and can be used to upgrade your character bonuses, effects and combat skills. Brawler improves your character Melee Damage and Block Efficacy.


With this Destiny you are a formidable melee combatant. You can withstand a lot of punishment, and it is usually more efficient for you to block or suffer an attack rather than dodge one


Brawler Description:

  • Brawler is a Tier 1 Destiny
  • Gives the following bonuses to your character:
    • +15% Melee Attack Damage
    • +20% Block Efficacy


How to unlock Brawler:


Videos about Brawler



Brawler Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips
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Might Destiny in KoA: Re-Reckoning
Chaos Thrall  ♦  Conqueror  ♦  Fighter  ♦  Soldier  ♦  Warlord  ♦  Warrior


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