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Type of Component Core

Brace is a Component in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Brace is a Core Component used for Blacksmithing. Some Components are necesary and some other are optional for the Blacksmithing (Crafting) of certains items. Components can be salvaged from weapons and armor at a Blacksmithing Forge, the rarity of the obtained Component depends on the player's Blacksmithing skill. It is not possible to salvage Unique and Armor Set items. Components can be found as loot.
The greater the player's Blacksmithing skill is, the greater quality and quantity of Components the player will find in chests or loot on corpses. The level of the region affects what quality components will be found as well. Many animals can be harvested for Components too.



Brace Information

This item can be used to craft the following items:



List of Braces:

 Iron Brace   Iron N/A Armor 19
Chainmail Brace Chainmail 7 Armor 33
Steel Brace Steel 14 Armor 59
Azurite Brace Azurite 21 Armor 86
Azurite Brace (Sylvanite) Sylvanite N/A Armor 131
Prismere Brace Prismere N/A Armor 184
Leather Brace Leather 3 Armor 14
Boiled Leather Brace Boiled Leather 9 Armor 33
Studded Leather Brace Studded Leather 21 Armor 61
Trollhide Brace Trollhide N/A Armor 89
Dreadscale Brace Dreadscale 38 Armor 129


Brace Notes & Tips

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