Armor Sets (Might)  in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning are pieces of Armor that complement each other and grant larger bonus the more pieces of the same set of Armor are equipped. Armor Sets in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, start granting bonuses when two pieces of the same set are equipped and also grant more bonuses when three or four pieces of the same set are equipped at the same time.

The player can also mix sets. using two Armor pieces of one set to get the first bonus and three Armor pieces of a different set to get two other bonuses.
As stand-alone items, Armor Set pieces tend to be around the Infrequent level quality Armor and the name of said piece can be identifiable easily by its golden lettering.




All Armor Sets for Might-Based Characters


Set Name

Max. Might Level Required

Bonus with 2 pieces equipped

Bonus with 3 pieces equipped

Bonus with 4 pieces equipped

Belen's Armor Set
9 +10% Fire Damage.
+10% Ice Damage.
+10% Lightning Damage.
+15% Stun Duration. +15% Piercing Damage.
Bolgans' Bane Armor Set
36 +15% Critical Hit Damage.

+15% Melee Block Efficiency.
+15% Magic Block Efficiency.
+15% Ranged Block Efficiency.

+2 to Might Abilities
Castaway's Armor Set
18 +20% Armor. +10% Elemental Resistance. +15% Damage vs. Beasts.
Ceremonial Armor Set
6 +10% Melee Block Efficacy.
+10% Magic Block Efficacy.
+10% Ranger Block Efficacy.

+10 Armor. +25 Health.
Corthian Armor Set
28 +20% Bleeding Resistance. +20% Piercing Resistance. +15% Elemental Resistance. 
Crucible Armor Set
37 +25 Armor. +25% Bleeding Damage.  +15% Piercing Damage.
Dvergan Armor Set
39 +10% Block Efficacy. +15% Piercing Resistance.  +20% Damage during Daytime. 
Eagonn's Armor Set
39 +20% Fire Damage. +15% Elemental Resistance. +20% Bleeding Resistance.
Faehunter Armor Set
33 +10% Melee Block Efficacy.
+10% Magic Block Efficacy.
+10% Ranged Block Efficacy.
+2 to Might Abilities. +25% Physical Damage.
Gaea's Armor Set
36 +25% Chance to Stun. +15% Stun Duration. +30 Armor.
Helius Armor Set
24 +15% Damage Resistance during Daytime. +2 Health Regen per Sec. +15% Physical Damage.
Kerrod's Armor Set
39 +15% Critical Hit Damage.  +25% Stun Duration. +35 Armor.
Legion Armor Set
16 +10% Melee Block Efficacy.
+10% Ranged Block Efficacy.
+10% Magic Block Efficacy.
+2 to Might Abilities. +15% Physical Resistance.
Martyr Armor Set
19 +15% Chance to Stun. +25% Stun Duration. +15% Damage with Longswords and Hammers.
Nightstone Armor Set
43 +5% Mana. +10% Piercing Resistance. +15% Health.
Raven Guard Armor Set
24 +15% Armor. +25% Mana. +2 to Might Abilities.
Remnant Armor Set
43 +5% Physical Resistance. +1 Health Regen per Second. +10% Armor.
Shepard's Armor Set
2 +10 Armor. +0.1 Health Regen per Second.
+1 Mana Regen per Second.
+10% Elemental Resistance.
The Guardian Armor Set
44 +10% Block Efficacy. +10% Piercing Resistance. N/A.
Thyrdon's War Armor Set
12 +10% Chance to Stun. +15% Piercing Resistance. +15% Physical Damage.
Vengeance Armor Set
33 +15% Physical Damage. +15% Elemental Resistance. 25 Ice Damage.
Vigilant Armor Set
3  +10% Stun Duration.  +15 Health. N/A.
Warsworn Armor Set
20 +15% Armor. +20% Physical Resistance. +15% Elemental Resistance.
Hope of the Fatesworn Set
-- +1 to Might Abilities
+1 to Finesse Abilities
+1 to Sorcery Abilities
Spawn a barrier when getting hit that blocks all magic damage for limited time (30s cooldown) Enemies touching the barrier receive a slowdown effect
Goliath Armor Set
44 Ability to parry block breaking attacks. Parrying successfully grants stagger immunity for 10s.  Each consecutive successful parry adds an inactive "Lupoku's Luck" effect (stacking infinitely) - attack an enemy to activate the stack for a great physical damage boost.

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